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    Bar Projects



    Snow House 11
    Snow House 14

    White christmas

    Encapsulating the thrill of a white Christmas, the Snow House is the latest bar option for your Christmas market. Making its debut in the UK during Christmas 2018, this exciting solution features a 360 bar for an enhanced customer experience as well as state of the art equipment as standard.

    Impressive igloo

    Surrounded by a lush winter forest, complete with snow-capped Christmas trees, the Snow House is created in the shape of an impressive Igloo. Measuring 12 meters and standing at a height of 6 meters, customers will enjoy a range of seasonal drinks and food within this covered, frozen Christmas setting.



    Special Festive Treat

    Boasting a bar facility of the highest specification, the Jäger Barn Bar is designed with both bar staff and customers in mind. Inside there is enough space for staff to safely and swiftly prepare and serve drinks and food. Customers can enjoy the sort of attentive experience that they would expect from a high-end bar venue, regardless of how busy it gets.

    The sheer size of the facility makes the bar easy to locate. However, to ensure that the Jäger Barn Bar cannot be missed as night-time falls, the tent benefits from an array of lit-up wooden signs. Fitted with four beer systems, customers can enjoy a continuous supply of premium branded German beer. Furthermore, the Jäger Barn Bar boasts three mulled-wine pumps for thirsty customers looking for that special festive treat.

    15m tent 1 (1)

    Wonderfully Designed

    Able to comfortably seat up to 35 guests inside the bar, the wonderfully designed covered area is a sight to behold. Fifteen large claret coloured tents, all illuminated with colour changing LED floodlights, combined to create a warm and inviting outdoor area for people to sit beneath, whatever the weather.

    The outside bar has enough space to accommodate up to 650 guests comfortably; 300 of which can be seated.

    In addition, the Jäger Barn Bar also comes complete with props, furniture and seating that include:

    • 4x Hunter Booths with Lights and Heater
    • 6x Jäger Tables with Wooden Bar Stools
    • 3x Wooden Umbrella Tables with Wooden Bar Stools
    • 6x Wooden Barrel Tables with Wooden Bar Stools
    • 15x Bavarian Tables with Benches
    • 8x Life-Sized Wooden Sculptor Carvings to Place Throughout the Attra



    Freshly cooked

    Arriving fully loaded with the latest in bar equipment, our Jägerhaus Bar & Grill comes ready and able to serve a wide variety of drinks to suit everyone’s tastes. From cold draft or bottled beers, to warm drinks including mulled wine and cider, heated by copper boilers/ burners within the bar there is something to please every customer.

    The Jägerhaus Bar & Grill has been carefully designed to provide catering and serving staff the space that they need to safely and efficiently attend to large volumes of people. It comes equipped with a four-foot charcoal or gas BBQ – perfect for satisfying those hungry crowds.

    Customers will be able to enjoy the smells and sights of a wide range of BBQ food and authentic German sausages as they are freshly cooked, right in front of them.



    To ensure a relaxing and pleasant drinking and dining experience each version of the Jägerhaus Bar & Grill can be supplied with a tailored amount of seating options. From Jaeger tables and benches to wooden standing tables with matching bar stools; all are designed to fit in with the Bavarian theme. Including heating and lighting, the Jägerhaus Bar & Grill entertainment venue will continue to delight the masses throughout the day and well into the evening.

    space for everyone

    All finished off with an encompassing rustic fence that can be decorated with festoon lights to add that extra special element to the event. Festive and extremely unique, this wonderful social concept comes fully dressed in German Bavarian style with festive decorations such as real hop branches and Christmas garlands. Also included with the package, are two wooden sculptures for placement within the entrance area, to add the finishing touch to the overall look.

    Jägerhaus Bar & Grill solution from German Events Ltd can be set up and be ready for business within a few hours. Seating and furniture include:

    • 3x Jaeger Tables with Wooden Bar Stools
    • 5x Wooden Barrel Tables with Wooden Bar Stools
    • 3x Hunter Booths for Companionable Seating in a Cosy Area with Lights and Optional Heating




    Riverside Viva Las Oracle Sep 17 copy-min

    WOW! factor

    Following on from its successful launch at The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading; the Beach Bar is the very latest entertainment solution to be added to our portfolio. Originally intended for a three-month placement at The Oracle, fantastic public response led to the extension of the project. We are extremely proud to offer this new and exciting concept to our customers.

    Constructed around a solid 9m x 5m wooden frame that supports an impressive traditional straw thatched roof, the Beach Bar is sure to add the “Wow!” factor to your event. Giving customers that real taste of summer living, the central bar is designed to be able to cope with large crowds effectively.

    Sit back & relax

    State-of-the-art bartending equipment within the bar enables staff to provide a fast and professional service. Every Beach Bar is stocked to allow the fresh preparation of a wide variety of delicious cocktails. Also available are a range of bottled and draft beers including cool German Larger.

    To ensure that guests are comfortable throughout the evening, the Beach Bar incorporates swing seating – perfect for sitting back and relaxing with friends and a few beverages. Additional seating comes in the form of a range of beach themed chairs, benches and straw-umbrella covered tables. These come in a variety of authentic beach party styled designs to compliment the overall theme, and to provide seating for large volumes of people.

    Birmingham Mojito3

    Unique experience

    As you would expect with any bar on the beach, our Beach Bar comes complete with 20 tonnes of fine white sand! Taking the beach theme to the limit, our Beach Bar really does bring the carefree ambience of holiday fun to your chosen site. The perfect backdrop for a variety of outdoor entertainment, the Beach Bar can safely and comfortably host live bands, DJ’s, discos and any other events that you wish to run.

    Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the youngest visitors to the bar. Our Beach Bar also includes table tennis, a selection of large outdoor games and a range of beach equipment such as bats & balls. With so much to do, the little ones will be kept busy and will be sure to enjoy this unique beach experience as much as Mum and Dad.

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