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    Igloo Tent 1
    Igloo Tent 2

    Igloo Tent Structure 8m

    Igloo Ten Structure 8 m

    Igloo tent with wooden flooring, ideal for winter season set up such as winter bar, Santa Grotto or any other winter themed event.

    Octagonal Tent Structure 15 m

    Octagonal tent structure with a 15m diameter, ideal for larger events, covered beer garden or any other outdoor activity to provide a large weather / rain covering

    15m tent 2
    15m tent 1
    Wooden Huts 2
    Wooden Huts 1

    Wooden Chalet

    Wooden Chalets

    2m, 3m and 4m huts are available, ideal for summer or winter events.

    Bavarian Hunter Booth

    Bavarian style covered seating, ideal for a beer garden or private garden, comes with a fitted table, two fitted benches and a large wooden shingle roof. All in a natural rustic style with tree branch uprights.
    The Booth is 2.4m high, around 2.9m wide and 2.5m deep
    Hunter Booth
    Igloo Dome with seating

    Luxury Outdoor Igloo-Dome

    Luxury Outdoor Igloo-Dome (3.44m diameter)

    Handmade frame with 40mm ply board wood, heavy duty clear waterproof cover with double zipped entrance
    Additional extras to hire:
    Igloo dome wooden floor panels
    Seating and Table
    External Furnitures 1
    External Furnitures 2

    External furnitures and Beer Garden

    Beer Garden furniture: large umbrellas, barrel tables.
    All suitable for any kind of event, beer garden or similar.

    Temporary Event Fencing

    Plastic or steel crowd barriers and heras fencing.

    German Events crowd control barriers are ideal for crowd control and directing pedestrians as required, suitable for festivals and events to direct the public to access and exit points as well as lining parade routes.

    fencing 2


    7kw Searchlights from Space Cannon

    Our 7000W Space Cannon Searchlights are one of the most powerful searchlights ever built and are a guaranteed attraction for your event. The beam of this searchlight can be seen over a very long distance. Movement and changing colours allow various effects for your event.
    Up to four available
    Price from £300 per evening, for multiple hire or long term hire packages prices are available
    Additional Generator hire of 45Kw generator can be arranged.
    Search lights (1)
    Genorator 2
    Genorator picture

    Small Event Power Generators

    Different power generator sizes available:
    – 5KW Diesel Generator
    – 7KW Honda EU70 Petrol Generator
    – 42KW Pramak Diesel Generator

    Drive-In Cinema Pack

    Ready to go Drive-In Cinema Package:
    – 14m x 10m inflatable screen,
    – BoH tent with a powerful 20k Christie projector, Blu-Ray players, Visual Kramer switcher and sound transmitter via bluetooth speaker system for each car
     -entrance reception tent with up to 150 bluetooth speaker (Ofcom licence free)
    Whole package for one evening £1250 with one technician on site to operate
    Additional Equipment:
    – 7kw Honda Generator to run the projector £100
    – 5kw Diesel generator to run the inflatable screen £75
    – additional crowd barriers can be supplied at a cost of £2,50 per barrier
    obrazek JPEG-3C8C644D4A33-1

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